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We're all growing through something.

Maybe you failed a test or for some reason your best friend won't answer your text, even though you swear you haven't done anything to upset them. Or maybe it's something a lot more large-scale like coping with losing a loved one. Whatever it is we have two choices: we can let the situation debilitate us or we can grow through it.

Emma, a.k.a. your trusty blogger, is no stranger to dealing with emotions. Between her complex relationship with overthinking, anxiety, and depression and the loss of her father in September 2020, Emma would say she has been "going through it". But while she's been "going through it" she has also been "growing through it" and learning how to adapt and cope with all these emotions.

Emma hopes this blog can be a reminder that even when you feel like you're wilting the sun will come out again, and that you aren't alone even in your darkest of times.

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