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and eventually, we'll blossom into something beautiful

Growing up and grief are two things that are hard to manage, especially when they are coupled together. But, just because they are hard doesn't mean they are impossible and, more importantly, while you may feel like it at times you are not alone.

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It feels like home to me

I’ve been wrestling with what to say about this. How to put the swirling emotions that reside in my chest down on paper. How do I say...

Turning 21

Every year I could look forward to one story in particular from my father on December 10. Maybe it was in the morning before school, or...


It has been 365 days since what I selfishly want to call the worst day of my life. However, in all honesty, I would never actually call...

Back to School Stressing

Also Known As - working on being Pragmatically Optimistic My junior year of college started yesterday. I've just started the second half...

Mini Cooper, Many Thoughts

I always find it interesting how people react when I tell them I've gotten a speeding ticket before. I mean, I understand - when you hear...

Inhale. Exhale.

I’m sitting in my car, telling myself that everything is going to be okay. Because it is, it will all be okay. Everything has a way of...

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No one goes through life alone, so you shouldn't have to grow through it by yourself either.

Do you have any questions? Advice you need but don't know where to go? Or just want to share your feedback on my blog, get in touch! I'd love to hear from you!

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